<CT> LiteStep functionality??

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  • Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2002 14:39:41 EDT

Hey Calmira peeps!

Long time, no see on this front apparently...

Here's some sort of an attempt to generate life on the list...

I recently downloaded and started fiddling with LiteStep... It's a shell 
replacement sorta like Calmira... not really... but the purpose is similar... 
Instead of trying to look like Windows, it tries to obliterate the M$ evil 
soul lurking inside windows and replaces it with a more complicated, 
configurable, prettier front.  After installing LiteStep, your desktop 
transforms into simply a picture on the screen.  The start menu goes bye bye 
and is replaced with a "wharf".  The entire shell is configurable through a 
bunch of complicated script driven commands... It supposedly mimics 
X-Windows.. I wouldn't know... I had Linux and X-Windows for about an hour 
before I realized AOL isn't available for Linux.  It also adds extra virtual 
desktops like X-Windows.  It rocks if you are editing a sound file.. Can open 
two fullscreen editing windows, one on each screen... And hotkey through 

Basically, would it be possible to do something similar for Win3.11?  It 
doesn't need to be free form... doesn't need any extra crap.  That's why I 
like LiteStep... The "wharf" can hold any "modules" you want.  A module for 
the non-techie types is basically an applet that has a window fused to the 
taskbar... Do you want your clock to be analog on your taskbar?  Easy, 
download, install new module for your clock.  The hard part is fiddling with 
the script to link the two together.  Definately NOT for newbies... but with 
any help from the programmer types here, maybe we could make it easier to 

Also, I have not a single clue how to properly rewrite the scripts... One 
mess up, and yer monitor is a picture frame for your desktop.  I have had 
this happen soooo many times.  And I can't find anywhere on the net with any 
*real* help files.

I hope this sparks interest, its my newest toy to play with and I need help.

~currently attending college for an A.S. in Computer Electronics and 
I'm sooo proud I'm in college... I dropped out of H.S. and got my G.E.D.  
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