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Erwin Dokter wrote:
The SMB (lanman) protocol used by windows 3.1/WfW 3.11 does not support
LFN's. Short of rewriting the entire network API, it cannot be done.

Hi Erwin,
Sorry to hear about LFN troubles but I'm glad the issue is still being
pursued.  In my quest to find out how to get LFNs to work on legacy systems,
I've stripped down Win95 down to its core (I mean core.)  I've reduced the
footprint to about 3.5 Mb and I've been able to run Explorer from floppies
(although a hard disk is still required for swap, with a 4MbRAM, 486 (386
not yet tried), 25mhz.)  This core system can possibly be further reduced in
size if TaskManager is used as the W95 shell, but LFN was what the issue.
Using TaskManager as shell also did not provide the familiar Desktop and
Start button.  I was hoping that doing this would give me some insight about
LFN and how it worked (but it didn't.)

WinNT included a File Manager that allowed LFNs but was based on the NT file
system and couldn't be used with Win95 (I think.)  Has Microsoft ever
developed a LFN compatible File Manager that worked with Win95??

Using GeoWorks was another way of using LFNs but only with GEOS apps.  (but
I didn't like that the operating system "required" a mouse for certain
functions...as far as I know.)

It would be great to understand LFN and how it works.  The few pieces of
information I've found on the issue has been too technical for me to grasp
it (as opposed to understanding 4DOS's use of the DESCRIPT.ION file.)  Does
W95's LFN actually do something like 4DOS' use of a DESCRIPT.ION database to
link 8.3 filenames with LFN counterpart??  

Does anybody know of any websites where LFN info can be found??

You mentioned a "network" API, so is it possible to have LFN via Calmira

It would seem to me that if Calmira could solve the LFN dilemma, it would
place Calmira in the sliced-bread category.  -Bill

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