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  • From: "Ricardo Rita" <ricardo_rita@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 02:19:00 +0100

Does any of you ever heard about infrared receivers for pc?

They colect ir signals from a remote control and send them to the computer.
I've been building ir receivers for quite some time now. Serial ir receivers
are simple to build and can work with virtually any remote control (tv, vcr,
hifi...). They are very cheap to build and surprinsigly effective. Also, if
you add a resistor and a ir led, thay also can send ir signals, making
possible to control any infrared controlled device by the computer.
If you want to know more check out winlirc.sourceforge.net (windows 9x and
me/xp) or www.lirc.org (linux). It's a gnu gpl software and they have the
circuits schematics on the sites. There are also other types like irman,
ira, whatever, but they work in a different way.
The circuits i've been making are a mixture between lirc ones, net found
schematics and a little developing of my own. Girder (www.girder.nl) is also
a great software to use them.

The question is, they work great with my win98 amd2000+ machine. But I still
use my 486 with win3x/calmira and I would love to have this machine working
with a remote control. The problem isn't the speed. The problem is: There's
no software...

So I really searched for software in the internet that worked with win3x.
What I have found:

 - Winlirc, with ms vc++ sources, it's a 32bit program. I have no idea how
to put it working on win3x. I emailed the author and he says it's almost a

 - dosgir, a dos program meant to work with a similar device. haven't tried
it yet. I'm looking for windows software, not dos, and it doesn't have the

 - I found a win3x software with delphi sources. Problems: it's meant to
work with a little bit different circuit that conects also to a camera or
something. But I managed to change the circuit a little bit and received
signals with it. But I don't have delphi 1 and I don't understand a word of
german. Maybe this would be the way to go... It's on

Well, why all this? Because old computers can be great to work with ir
signals. Old computers could be used as wireless cd players, mp3 players,
automation machines, control ir devices, etc., etc. Of course we could use
linux, but it's much harder and much less user friendly to install a reduced
version of linux in an old machine than it is to install win3x with calmira.
Now, imagine calmira could recognize and learn ir signals, or just be
prepared to receive them with an external program. That would be just great
and maybe would bring a new life to this program we just love.

Thank you and reply plz

Ricardo Rita

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