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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 21:01:52 -0000

For those that remember me, anyway... when we switched over to FreeLists, we
lost the ability to post from multiple email accounts. So, I signed up from
my usual email account and couldn't figure out why Inever got a reply. It
turned out my ISP had changed my email address without telling me... it
turned maxim@xxxxxxxx into emailmaxim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

So, I'll reply to whatever I can remember from the last two or three
months... apologies to those that require detailed subject line listings.

To turn off an ATX computer which just "sleeps" when you press the power
button: hold it down for 4 seconds.

To dual-boot Win98 and Win3.1: use OSR2FIX. I've made a page about it:

I wrote to Justin off-list, but I'll tell the world too. AMD CPUs in the
400MHz vicinity are designed to use an internal multiplier of 6x when the
external multiplier is 2x, so if you have a board that can do 2x66MHz then
you can use a 400MHz K6-2. I overclock mine to 6x75 = 450MHz, and it's much
cooler than my old Cyrix. I needed to upgrade my bios to get it to work,

Stephan asked about a good disk imager. I swear by HD-COPY, it's incredibly
fast and does all the formats. Sadly its homepage has shut down, but I'm
sure simtel.net has it. It'll be in the Dos section. I know of no other
program that can read a floppy in 30s and quick format it in under 2.

There was a thread about changing the system font to get nice titlebars, and
it was mentioned that you can't change the font used in "most of the window
text". What you have to do is, get Softy, render any TrueType font down to a
raster font, then *call it MS Sans Serif internally and give it a font
weight of 400*. Save this to a .fon file. Then a little jiggerypokery is
required to get it to override MS Sans Serif Bold (which is the font used in
dialogue boxes), I use it as my SystemFont=, but maybe it'd work in
[FontSubstitutes]. I did have a nice Verdana replacement file, but lost it
when I last reformatted.

Right, that's the most interesting results of a quick scan over about 400

I thought I'd take this opportunity to point out that I've done the
unthinkable and switched to Win98 fairly permanently. It's been months since
I last ran Win3.1, and when I'm there there isn't much to do - my MP3
playlists won't work with WinPlay3, my TV card has no software, nor does my
CD writer, Word 97 is somewhat unwilling to run, Dos boxes are a lot more
flakey for me to play Meka... I also anticipate overhauling my website
soonish and moving the 16-bit stuff into a subsection, since I'm only
working on my 32-bit programs these days. It's sad, but it's the way things
are taking me. I'll still stay on this list, it's a great community and I'm
proud to have contributed over the years, and intend to continue to do so.

If anyone would like to take over any of my 16-bit/Calmira stuff (Address
Bar & calmira.ini reference come to mind), just ask...


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