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Included below is a posting from comp.os.ms-windows.setup.win3x. BTW
I've also noticed that audio events do not work any longer after Calmira
has crashed, and when I restart Calmira after a crash (FTaskman -->
launch ctaskman --> restart Calmira? yes), shutting down Windows results
in a GPF (in vdo16(...).acm) and I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart
the computer; interestingly this also happens when no exit windows sound
is being used.

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   I do not know if this is the proper newsgroup to ask this question,
but since it does have something to do win Win 3.x setup, I thought I
would ask here.
   I have calmira 3.1 set up on wfw 3.11. When I run calmira as the
shell program, I've noticed that certain audio application such as
net2phone 8.67 and winplay3 (an MP3 player) report that the audio
device is busy and therefore fail to function properly. This does not
happen when calmira is run after starting windows, only when it is the
shell program. Has anyone else noticed this problem, and is there a
solution (other than simply not running calmira as shell)?


   Mark W. Stroberg


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