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After some intense programming over the past weekend, we're all proud to
announce a new archiving format, as well as almost-immediate archiving of
list traffic.

Suggestions had been made lately about the usability of the archives.
Previously, they had been simple directory indexes created by the web
server.  Now, they're automatically-generated webpages that allow
searching at any time, plus viewing messages in a more "smart" manner.
Further suggestions, of course, are welcome.

Another hassle that was pointed out last week was that archives weren't
updated often enough, and that other services put messages into their
archives right away.  Gotta listen to the customers -- the archives are
now by a custom-built daemon at least every 5 minutes.  So by the time
everyone on your list (in most cases) receives the messages, the message
is also in the archive.

As always, your suggestions can make a difference at FreeLists.  We're all
just an email away: staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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