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Bob writes:

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Thanks for the interesting and informative post on the Win95 info, but =
what I=20
found most interesting was the part (above) about the two floppy OS=20
experiment you have done.  Is it available anywhere, and what else can =
you tell us=20
about it, or were you just pullin' our collective legs:-)   ?

BTW my Win95 floppy set is 31 disks (2 yellow, 10 orange, 10 blue, and 9 =

green) including boot disk and disk 1 through 30 dated 12/31/95 9:50AM

Thanks again, and awaiting your reply, Bob.

Hi Bob,

No leg pulling here!  I have gone through *considerable* trouble trying =
to duplicate my one floppy Win3.0 with Win95.  I was introduced to PC =
through the Mac way back when and adjusting to 8.3 filenames was =
frustrating coming from that direction.  This is probably where my =
interest for long filenames began.  I have also been interested in =
reducing bloatware ever since I began reading the magazine PC Laptop; it =
had a regular column called Making It Fit (or something like that) that =
reduced programs to make them run on duo-floppy based laptops.  I =
continue to optimize what I can do with my Poqet palmtop (8086 512k RAM) =
and other legacy laptops.  (Toshiba T1000, the original laptop, and =
Bondwell B200 are my other favorites, both sans hard drive.)

The 2 floppy version of W95 (I call it Floppy95!) is close to core, but =
I know it can be honed even further!  Some non-core files are included =
for the sake of aesthetics and functionality.  I should say right now =
that "functionality" at this level is extremely low,  but it can run =
Solitaire which I believes prove 32bit support.  (Please let me know if =
this is wrong assumption.)  Excess features included are: using the =
default Explorer as shell, a core bud of a registry, command.com =
(actually unnecessary for boot directly into W95 but necessary for this =
version).  There is a non-core file that when removed, the familiar DOS =
"ghost" B: drive becomes available again!!

When booting this version, it requires one to go through an extensive =
series of error screened messages, both at the DOS level and continues =
in graphics mode.  It's not pretty.  I have an idea which may reduce =
some, hopefully all of them.  More experimentation is still in order.  =
Soon, I will want to create a table of what non-core files are required =
(to be in place, or must be installed via registry) to support the =
execution of a Win95 application.  This is when  would like others to =
help build this table.=20

This honing project has shown me that there is a way of compiling the =
original files directly from disk cabinets and booting to W95 without an =
install!  All the files share the same file creation date.  (I called =
this OEM95.)

This 2 disk version requires 6 or 7Mb RAM; my previous successful floppy =
version required even less RAM but spanned 3 floppies (1 boot/setup, 2 =
Win program disks).  This allow me to see a desktop on a Compaq 4Mb 386 =
laptop.  (Boot up took a glorious 12 minutes accounting for floppy-time =
file access and file swapping.)  The 3 floppy version used =
unconventional extended floppy formatting, Maxi disk, but apparently =
some legacy floppy drives may not be up to the task of reading these =
disks.  The 2 disk version uses regular floppy formatting.

For those interested in this topic, you can contact me directly at my =
personal email address, billmoy@xxxxxxxxxx  The email registered with =
the Calmira list is my work email and I'd rather not continue posting =
until I re-register using my personal email account. =20

Bob, can you write to me with more info about how you use your 31 floppy =
95 set?  What are the meanings to the colors?

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