<CT> Fiilesize checking, F-Prot, DBL-DMF

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  • Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 11:39:36 -0400

Hi All,

When I downloaded my first program that I tried to use from the abandonware
site, I was nervous about viruses.  As I already had my own legit floppy
version of Win95b, I was hoping that I would be able to compare filesizes
for the corresponding (downloaded) Win95a floppy.  Of course, the two Win95
versions didn't match.  Since I didn't use my virus protection software, I
relied and hoped that their use of WinImage to format and make the entire
floppy image made virus insertion a little harder, but, of course, not
impossible.  Also, knowing that when Win95 installation calls for files, it
checks for matching filenames along with their original filesizes, and gave
me hope that it helped to prevent (again, prevent) any viruses to be
embedded (and thus increase the filesize.)

From time to time when I am web-searching for help on a particular Windows
issue, I come across some sites that display the contents and filesizes of
the original disks.  I wished I would have saved those links as this may be
a way of checking if filesizes have been tampered with.  I suppose I can do
it again by searching for a specific filename within on of the disks. 

Q:  I read that F-Prot is no longer free, can someone recommend a free virus
protection program that is current and continually updated?

DMF update:  So far I am able to dblspace/drvspace compress a DMF disk
created per my prior email.  YaY!  It yields something like 3.12Mb.  Win95a
also has an earlier version no. of DrvSpace.  The Win95b DrvSpace gives a
greater compression ratio but using it would not allow backward
compatibility.  I have yet to load files on it and see programs run directly
from these floppies.  An interesting thing about MaxiDisk is that it is able
to make a bootable expanded disk, which I cannot do with DMF disks since
they are just copied disk images.  I will keep you posted.  -Bill
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