<CT> F-Prot is updated again!

  • From: Billy Wong <bhs1989@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: freenet@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,juno_accmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 13:53:02 -0400

This German branch is not wasting time updating their anti-virus program.
 F-Prot for DOS v2.10b was just released a few days ago.  (And it was
only the other week that v2.10a was put out.)  You can directly download
it here:


Or if the link doesn't work, simply go to this main link (its homepage):


The page is in German.  You should click on the "English" tab located on
the top of the page to translate the page to English.  There, you should
see that they'll have v3.10b where you can click and download it.  In
fact, they also have on the page right now - for the first time AFAIK -
F-Prot 3.10A for Linux; its a beta version and its free like the DOS
version...  so if you have Linux it wouldn't hurt to try it out.  I know
a good portion of this list are F-Prot users.

Either case, its not a big download (1.4 megs).  And the system
requirements - at least for the DOS version - are very light.  The list
member here with the weakest PC would be able to run F-Prot  ;-).  Thus,
I strongly recommend everybody to get F-Prot.  (If I had the "power," I
would require you to get it!  :-) )

If you need convincing, there was a terrible epidemic of the AntiEXE
virus at my college several years ago.  And F-Prot was the only AV
software that was able to find it and disinfect it.  Since then, my
school still uses it (the system administrator never forgot that
epidemic).  I have it on my home PC since then.  And it got rid of all
sorts of viruses, including a few Word macroviruses, that I somehow
contracted.  I'm not sure how F-Prot would be able to handle the recent
Red Worm, but I know it will detect it.

   ___Billy Wong___
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