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  • Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 15:04:56 -0600

>OK, enough of that...on a much happier note, my daughter had her baby today
>(Monday, 3/19/01)...a little girl...but don't get the idea of calling me
>Grandpa just yet!  I don't feel quite that old, hahaha.

Congratulations **andpa (star star andpa isn't the G word!!!  ;)  )!!!!!!

>Well, I think we must battle a lot for this source code.
>That would be typical of Microsoft when they would give the
>source, but for money. They exactly know that many people
>are still interested in Windows 3.x and its code. They know
>it's a viable platform, and when they offer the source, it
>would become much more popular.

For all we know, Big Bad Bill is reading this right now and deciding against 
the release of teh Win3 source.

>But, seeing the strategies of MS, to forget everything from
>the past, like the Windows 95 homepage (just see how many
>information are at microsoft.com/windows95), it isn't

It's downloads and old knowledge-base stuff...surprised that's all there.

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