<CT> Continuing Calmira!

  • From: Pete <firststep@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 20:56:14 +0100

Hi Gaby n All,

>On the other hand we have to consider one thing: hosting doesn't=20
>necessarily mean maintaining. Actually, there should be somebody=20
>to care about the site. I can offer webspace and domain name, but=20
>I'm too busy to keep it updated.

I think in the begining of Calmira there was a strong Calmira Team?

I can't see why 2 or 3 of us can't get together over e.mail as a 'site
management' team?

>> Perhaps we need to formulate a plan:
>>   1. Contact the present Calmira site owner.
>>   2. Negotiate if we can help and how.
>>   3. Look at what is needed or what is wanted.
>In the meantime we should also find a temporary solution. Every day=20
>the calmira.org is down, we loose new "customers". If somebody has=20
>got a recent mirror of the site stored on his/her local machine, he/she=20
>should let us know, so that we can at least provide a mirror.

Good idea.

Or if someone has all the recent program files we could between a few
of us create a new set of web pages.

I would be happy to create some blanks or templates to get the process

>Does anybody have a figure of how big the site is/was? With and=20
>without guestbook/screenshots.

=46rom what I remember last time I looked it could not have been larger
than 7 to 10mb?

>> I don't mind how we achieve this but am willing to put in either
>> effort or bit of cash.
>Cash is the only thing I can't offer....=20

Thats OK Gaby. I think effort is just as valuable.

My main concern is how to contact and negotiate with the current
Calmira Site Owner?

Anyone got news on this or progress?

Also can we have a role call of those willing to put in effort or
potential resources?

I will start:

Name. - ID. -      Offering.

* Pete - firststep - Offers some cash, web space, web design etc..
* ?
* ?
* ?



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