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  • Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 08:49:09 -0500 (EST)

That=B4s my best word, just that.

I always thought that Calmira was a Friendly Desktop for Win 3.1/3.11.

This "old Windows" has abandonware "rights", so I guess that I might be
freely used, and it is quite good piece of software to run with "oldies",
and you may choose your own DOS, maybe DR-DOS or FreeDos as first best
choices. I never thought that Calmira might be an alternative to anything
else, just a 16 bit GUI enhacement, that migth even run some 32 bits
console=B4s with win32sc.

I really regret to get all this confusion from this list, as I clearly
understand that this is not the purpose of this list.=20

The issue is to get rid of IExplorer as "needed browser" in the OS, and here
I am listening that there is project to include in a "new Calmira" the
latest MS bowser...or am I SO confused that I am misunderstanding "much=

I agree that there is need for more "crossplatform utilities", freely
distributed, on Copyleft or other "rights" policies, and make a good start
for more standards to get some really "free-hardware", maybe not in the high
end SOHO, but at least for many education projects, and have better and more
affordable Home PCs...

>On Sat, 4 May 2002 20:19:43 -0400 (EDT) "Lonnie Cumberland"=20

><lonnie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Out "InterCruise HL" project is meant to take the best parts of
>> Windows, Linux, and MAC to offer a complete homogeneous OS from which
>> the user can run any (or just about any) existing application from
>> these platforms transparently....

Isn=B4t this a too ambitious project ?, I would be glad to get more friendly
MultiBoot alternatives, such as some XOSL ( it seems that something is
"hapenning there"), better reading access to any FS from a new "QDOS", a
small "reflexive" OS without the hard GNU/Linux "kernelled rules", better
crossplatforms possibilities and "more online help", with "keystokes
standards", a F1 request should bring a pulldown menu, without too much
"graphic" fuzz...just to get more people to understand basics,   =20

>I wonder about that. Windows and Linux can run on "IBM-compatible"=20
>hardware, but the Mac has a totally different CPU with a different=20
>instruction set. Is InterCruise HL going to run on Mac hardware or=20
>IBM-compatible hardware? Either way, code written for the other=20
>processor would have to be executed interpretively, and would crawl=20
>rather than run.

>> ... we
>> also are looking to include Microsofts own free IE5.5 or IE6 along
>> with many other great pieces.

>AFAIK, all MSIE versions at least since 4.0 are licensed as updates=20
>to the Windows OS, and you can't legally use them unless you have a=20
>licensed copy of MS Windows. Of course you can install IE anywhere=20
>you like as long as you don't tell anybody, but telling people to use=20
>MSIE on a Windows clone is a horse of another color.

HTML has standards, an for many people this "universal" language is
"enough", ...why don=B4t we get more close to more "easy small standards" to
run more FREELY our "basic PCs" ?

Thanks to all the people that bring new ideas, do tasks for a better
understanding and keep on, I don=B4t mind at all to get confused, it is also=
way to some knowledge...

Best Wishes form Argentina ( we haven=B4t still sunk...glu,glu,glu...     =

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