<CT> Can anyone say off-topic? OFF-TOPIC!!!! (I said it! Weeeeee)

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 07:20:57 -0600

>Really? I'm not 15 yet. Any other teenagers here? I know Ross is like 16,
>has a job writing HTML, etc. LoL

16, was trying for a job writing HTML, but didn't get it.  Most likely 
because of my schedule.  **** school!  ;)

>I'm 45 this week, but feel about 14 on good days (114 on bad).
>Does this count? :)

Happy b-day, Bob!

>Yes, good old DOS is still located in the COMMAND folder, though you can't
>boot into like you used to (unless you have an old floppy handy). Windows 
>has legacy 16-bit underpinnings, and frankly I can't see that disappearing 
>yet (I know.... M$ have been bleating about removing it for ages!).

*cough*F8*cough*  Tried that?  I couldnt' tell you when to press it because 
I have a stupid company startup logo over the bios, OS, etc info.  Speaking 
of, anyone know how to remove it?  I know Gateway has the same thing (if 
that helps you understand what I'm talking about).

> >Wrong! See http://www.geocities.com/mfd4life_2000/
> >WinMe says it has DOS 8.0!!!
> >Maybe someone could try to run Win 3.x (and Calmira) on it?
> >

Oh.  WinME.  Now I feel stupid.  :)  Like that never happens!

>A signature I found somewhere roughly read "stability and reliability
>don't come with the OS, but with the administrator", and I think it's
>not so wrong at all - a lot depends on the user. A fairly robust OS
>architecture is still helpful, though ;).

Explain how you can install Win98 on a newly reformatted system, set up 
networking, and run IE4 or whatever comes with it (I believe 5.x comes with 
SE), and it freezes?  Did you run the wrong browser?  Nope.  Wrong user 
running it?  Nope again.  As fellow Linux users know, it's the wrong OS!!!!  

><G>  needless to say for an M$ OS I'll stick with Win98SE as long as I
>require an M$ OS (not counting Wfwg311+calmira I will always have that
>machine).  I would not even consider buying WinMe at least until they
>release WinMESE <G>.

Don't waste your money.  A friend just got a new comp with ME.  I was there 
last night and saw it 'first-hand' for the first time:

// Windows ME Source Code
#include <winntlookandfeel.h>
#include <win98.h>
#include "systemcrashes.h"

     loadSystem(Win98, crashonstartup);
     change(icons, WINNTSET, 256);

I will admit, however, that we only experienced 3 problems.  1) we couldn't 
connect to the net...weird problems.  2) that stupid underwater screensaver 
has those annoying sounds!  3) his MP3 collection seems to be comprised of 
mostly rap.  :(

Overall, it's a slight improvement.  However, I suggest downloading via 
Greg's *new* DSL and not paying $50 for it.

>As far as Win2K better than Linux....  You will get mixed responses from
>different people. MY OPINION: remeber this is just an opinion, Win2K has
>nothing on linux...  Linux is by far better than Win2K.  One thing better
>about linux is... well you have the source code for the entire OS <g>  
>are many other reason I believe this however seeing as this is an OT 
>I will not go into more detail!

Actually, I have no compaints about 2K other than price, and that for some 
reason when we log out it commonly doesn't close Power Meter or Explorer 
(shell, not IE), so we get End Now boxes (which look much less...dull in 

>Who needs M$??
>Try http://www.powerload.fsnet.co.uk/  somebody mentioned it awhile back... 
>you can download 3.11 there (and
>make your own install disks) or you could probably get somebody to upload 
>Win3.11 disk images for you. (I'd do it
>myself, but I don't have any web space at the moment.  If you can't find 
>anybody, holler and I'll get some space.)

Oooooooooh!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I've been 
wondering about this site.  I used to have it in my Faves but reformatted 
and lost it.


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