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  • From: Tim Klassen <tklassen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 23:02:26 -0800


I usually don't respond much to this group, but I am still a subscriber 
because I've use Calmira for many years and thought it was a fabulous 
program!  But like many past users I became frustrated trying to find ways 
to make Win 3.1 work with new hardware.  What I would like to hear is 
success stories of Calmarians finding ways to run WFWG within another 
operating system -- in fact doing it this way may be the only way.  For 
instance, I have hardware that, as far as I know, would impossible to run 
Win 3.1 with.  Most my equipment uses USB ports now -- mouse, keyboard, 
etc.  Bob's email gave me hope that I could revive Calmara again.  I'm a 
little hesitant to start learning Linux, but if I heard that it is simple 
to use Win31 & and almost all other current window program under it, I 
would give it a try.

I've seen the response to Calmira fading, and possibly our focus and 
discussion should be on how it can be run under (or within) other 
systems.  I personally would like to know of any success stories that 
anyone has had using Calimra within current new computers.  Bob, I'm 
wondering in your situation, when you setup the Bochs emulator under 
Linux, how much hardware were you able to get working with Win 3.1? Could 
I use my usb mouse/keyboard?

    - Tim

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:16:59 +0000, Bob Groves 
<bobgroves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi y'all!
> After about 18 months of retiring Calmira and Windows 3.11 in favour of
> 'progressing' to Win98SE, list readers may be amused (is that that the 
> right
> word?) to hear that I've finally started using Calmira again. This is in 
> an
> experimental setup with the Bochs emulator under Linux (yes, I've mostly
> ditched Windows in favour of something that doesn't crash every five 
> minutes
> or ask me to account for changing my hardware).
> As an experiment (and for old-times-sake) I downloaded the excellent 
> Bochs
> emulator, set it up to run DOS 6.22, and installed Win 3.1 followed by
> Calmira XP. The whole thing worked first time, and runs in a little 
> window on
> my old Pentium 3 (600 MHz). Speed is about the same I used to get on my 
> old
> 486 DX2-66. Mouse is a little 'jerky', and I've yet to work out how to 
> get
> more than a 16-colour display, but otherwise it has given me no end of
> pleasure to see Windows 'tamed' under Linux. Next little experiment will 
> be
> to see if I can get Win 3.1 and Win 98 running in separate Bochs 
> sessions at
> the same time, and try installing a few Windows applications - especially
> those that won't run under Wine or Crossover Office. Best of all worlds, 
> eh?

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