<CT> Calmira below minimum requirements: CGA & File Manager

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  • Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 11:26:16 -0500

Hello All,

I've just re-focused myself into Calmira again with the latest download
because I just got myself a Prolinear palmtop remodeled TidalWave ME386 with
a CGA screen.  I was very happy to see Calmira install successfully on the
unit.  It was very novel to see how Calmira would look on a CGA screen; not
as bad as I thought.  Functional, but creepingly slow.  2Mg RAM and tons of
icon files (I guess.)  I dare not try to run it on my Poqet!

I try to do everything I can *without* a mouse.  Does anyone else do this?
Can anyone offer keyboard tips?  Is there a way of keyboard clicking the
desktop icons upon startup without first setting your own Calmira keyboard
shortcuts thru calmira.ini?

Is there a best way to configure Calmira as a bare-bones shell just enough
use Explorer only?  the file sizes between Calmira.exe and Explorer.exe are
quite a difference.  I tried to set system.ini's shell to explorer.exe but
that didn't work; I really didn't expect it to work.  I really enjoy using
Explorer's more intuitive file management keystrokes for cut/copy and paste
than File Manager's F7 and F8.  It is more intuitive because it follows the
thinking pattern of cut/copy *then* take actions to paste.  But for sheer
speed, I gotten quite used to working with File Manager.  It's
less-complicated to cut-copy files if target and destination are on
different drives: the only thing I have to remember is to "setup" my
destination drive/folder *before* I press F7 or F8, and to make sure I only
have one instance of File Manager running (doesn't work the same with 2
instances running.)  Once I select my destination (by just being there), I
switch over to my target drive (Ctrl-<drive-letter>), navigate and select
target files, cut or copy (F7,F8).  Next, I simply type in my destination
drive and Windows remembers my destination folder.

If my target and destination is on the same drive, it's easy only if you use
the mouse to move files, or, with <ctrl> for copy (a doc icon with a "+"
gives a visual cue.)  Other than that, by keyboard, shortcuts to parent
directory and root are ".." and "\".  Any other directory will require a
path to be keyed-in exactly.  hmm.

An interesting thing though: if I start Calmira (on the Prolinear) by
running calmira.exe it's fine, but defining it as my shell through
system.ini give me a General Protection Fault.  Any ideas why?

Replies to my bare-bones Calmira question would especially be appreciated.

For my 2 cents to the wishlist:  I am able to use the keyboard at any time
to bring up the tasklist (<alt> or <ctrl> -<esc>, I'm not sure right now.)
It would be wonderful if a "Run..." menu or button could be incorporated
into that dialogue box.  This is the one feature I look for in a replacement
shell.  Program Manager and File Manager both have this ability.  With this
feature one is able to run any program easily as long as it's path is
spelled out somewhere (DOS's PATH command or perhaps through a Windows' .INI

Does anyone else on this list own or operate a Prolinear?  Please let me


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