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  • Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 00:45:51 -0500

Hi Erwin, Gaby, and all ...

I was going through old mail tonight from that huge flurry of activity
back in July and a couple items caught my attention enough to prompt
this post.

There was talk about setting up the "new" site/domain name to make it
good to go for ten years.  Was that number simply rhetorical -- it
rounds out nicely -- or is there more than coincidence tied to it?

When I did a Y2K upgrade of my copy of Win3.1, I noticed that
Microsoft had posted a related document stating that even with that
upgrading, Win3.1 would cease to function after the year 2013.  It
sticks in my mind that the problem was intrinsic with the OS, not just
the political result of lack of support from MS.  (30 years after 3.1
was born in 1983 perhaps?)  Whatever it is, that being the case, since
Calmira is utterly dependent upon Win3.1/3.11, ten years from now will
quite literally be the end of Calmira, too. <no pun intended>  Have
others seen that connection all along and I am just now catching up,
or did I correctly spot something here?  Anyone care to comment
authoritatively on the matter?

A second item, probably directed mostly to Erwin, regards the
volunteering of services.  As an old fogey (55 y.o.) among all you
young whipper-snappers, I'm painfully aware of how far I trail most of
you technically.  After all, it wasn't that long ago that I had my son
sit down and show me how to get the VCR to quit flashing 12:00.  And
already he's a college grad and now in charge of one of the
governmental networks for the state of Nebraska (USA).  But, that
said, the fact remains that I do have years of experience as a
technical writer that I would be glad to make available to our cause
here.  I make no claims for my Dutch, German, French, or Spanish, but
... I do know how to make technical English work right (for FAQs, User
Guides, Help documents, etc.), along with grammar, punctuation,
syntax, and all the rest that goes with that.  Mine is American
English, true; but for that flavor, I make no apologies.  (I'd be more
than happy to leave it to others to get those other flavors, and in
whichever language, right.)

Related to that, I also have an equally long background as a technical
illustrator.  Not necessarily as a graphics program guru, but I do
know how effective drawings should look ... and mostly I can get PSP
to make what my mind's eye sees.  So that's available to the
organization too.

Sadly, there are also other demands on my time.  But to the degree I
can, I'm willing to offer my time and services.

Finally, is there any interest left in personal sketches?  If so,
perhaps it's not too late to contribute my own soon (in another post,
say a day or two from now?).  I'll try to keep it short, if so.  Gaby,
perhaps there might even be a place for collecting all of them in a
subdirectory of the new Calmira.org? ... another contribution to a
sense of community?

Anonymity with a cool alias has its place, but there is much to be
said for knowing the real people who are doing the good things that
make Calmira more than just an interesting toy.  Community has a value
all its own.  And by the way, there are others whose names I've seen
often on this list that I think are like me in not giving us a few
lines on themselves.  Care to join me in the next few days and weeks,
late though it is?  For that matter, even you nameless lurkers, too.

Enough for now.  (And FWIW, my tech writing is no where near this

"The chief virtue that language can have is clearness." - Hippocrates
               -- Peace.  Write well.  Do good work. --

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