<CT> <CT>OT: Need help on bios stuff... read if knowledgable please

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  • Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:31:41 EST

Hey everyone, this posting is OFFTOPIC!!!!!!

I am working on a "newer" (read, Pentium) computer.
It was given to me, is a really sleek pc, built in lcd screen, sound, really 
a sweet system.  It has 64 megs of ram, a Pentium 166mmx chip, and a 2 gig 
hard drive...  24x cdrom, floppy, the norm... as well as a built in 56k 
rockwell modem, a built in ethernet card, and a built in microphone.  The 
system is so small, it takes me 2 hours to open it.... is reallly a tightly 
fitted case.

My problem:
I cannot enable the internal cache, it seems to be damaged.  Whenever I 
enable it, the system hangs.  Because this system is a commercial grade 
(read, a net center from a doomed fast food net cafe), it has a boot-on logo 
screen that hides everything until Windows loads, or DOS.  I cannot get past 
that screen to see any error messages.  I thought internal cache was built 
into the cpu?

Another problem, would the lack on cache cause the system to take 670minutes 
to install windows95?  The system is acting as slow as another system I had.  
I had to mess with settings in the BIOS before it would run at a decent 
speed.  I already know that the board settings are correct for this cpu, and 
it is a totally working cpu.  

Also, there is also a setting in the BIOS for a cache controller, once again, 
if I enable this, the computer locks up on bootup, and I can't see any error 
messages.  There is no setting in the bios to turn that logo banner on or 
off, neither.

If I am using parity memory, and have the pc set to ignore it, would that 
slow it down?  If the ram has problems, would it cause the pc to be sloooow?  
The ram was tested, but I could dig into the pc to pull it out again.  Any 
ideas as to why the system would be abnormally slow would be appreciated.  I 
am sure that there is a bios setting that should correct this problem... 
Typmatic rate settings, I don't know... ISA to pci clock settings and such, I 
have no clue.  I don't know any of those settings, and methinks its one of 
those that I need to fix...

One final note:
When I tell it to load the optimal bios settings, it locks.  But that also 
enabled the cache and cache controller.  With the internal cache disabled, I 
can't enable external cache.
The way I got this system to run in the first place was to load the default 
bios settings.  pretty weird, eh?

Catch you all later, hope someone can help.

BTW- was in a car wreck last Monday... hurt pretty bad... fractured 
vertabrae, displaced shoulder, whiplash, etc... any religous folks?  would 
appreciate prayers.

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