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My apologies to you if you're receiving this email a second time; I
originally sent it via my personal email account and it wasn't registered
for the Calmira Tips list.  -Bill

Dear All:

I've ran across an *amazing* website in my search for Windows3.0 files.
(Yes, I'm still working with Windows3.0!! -currently on the diskless wonder
of a workhorse, the Toshiba T1000!) I was very surprised to see that it
(probably) included all the contents of shareware programs that were
included on my companion disks (2) from my old book "Secrets of Windows3"!
Plus more  -lllots more.  (!!)

I wasn't looking to see if they offered some of the files/titles of the
abandonware site some of us were goggling over.  But they did have some of
the programs we were discussing such as dos shells and other program
launchers that have zero RAM overhead!!  There also occasional simple
criticism on file descriptions that works very well!!  I really like that!

It is:

Calmira 1.0 is also there.
Chock loads of Win3.0 programs are in #446!!
Also lots of systems utilities too, ancient drivers, boot stuff.  

So if anyone checks out something really worth while (and if this list's
moderator doesn't deem it too off-topic) please let us ALL know!!  Will you
be impressed with the site's contents as I am?   

(Still looking for OBMax though.)

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