<CT> Ah, intros :)

  • From: JGrossklass@xxxxxxxxxxx (Stephan Grossklass)
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  • Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 16:22:13 +0200

Being in digest mode, I'm always a bit late... but at least I don't
overlook any messages that way ;).

Anyway... My first encounter with Calmira was around the time 3.0 was
released; this mailing list I didn't join until a year or more later. At
that time I had a Packard Hell Pentium 75 (o/c'd to 90) with 24 megs of
RAM and two hard drives: a Seagate ST51080A with a DriveSpace compressed
partition with Win95A plus MS-DOS 6.22 and WfW 3.11 on it (this drive
died later and was replaced by a Seagate ST8420A), and a Seagate
ST38641A with a number of uncompressed FAT16 partitions. I wasn't overly
happy with Win95, plus I wanted something to tinker with, so I attempted
to get WfW to do about everything possible in Win95, but faster (24 megs
isn't THAT much for 95). So that's approximately when I found Calmira.
Numerous hardware changes followed, additional computers (mostly used)
were acquired and upgraded (my 486 box has gone through three cases, two
PSUs and three mo/bos now and no longer even is a 486, and along with
the currently installed three hard drives there are another three that
were once in use there), in the end my main box didn't even keep a
usable install of WfW - but then there are still three other boxes which
run it (out of 6 total).

Personally, I'm a 21 year old student of physics at Ulm university in
ol' Germany (shouldn't be quite as lazy ;) who still lives with his
parents (a disability and constant lack of $$$ don't make moving out too
attractive, plus there's a "housing upgrade" in the works which should
give me a bit more room) and still has NO girlfriend ( :( ). My hobbies
include tinkering with them numbercrunching boxes, hanging out in the
Usenet and shortwave listening (a hobby that isn't very PC friendly from
an RFI point of view, but can be great fun with all the noise sources
turned off; it also is very different from the fast world of computing).
My favorite web browser is Mozilla, mail and news are done with trusty
Netscape Communicator 4.78. (For Win16, browser choice is tricky, but
mail and news are fine with Netscape 4.08 or Agent/Free Agent 1.93.) My
fav OS overall would probably be Windows 2000 (never had much to do with
Linux, not yet at least), though I still like WfW 3.11 with Calmira on
the kind of machines that run best with it (it's just no longer
sufficient for me when it comes to getting stuff done efficiently on a
production machine).

Home: http://stephan.win31.de/ | Webm.: http://www.i24.com/
PC#6: i440LX, 2xCel300A, 256 MB, 18 GB, ATI AGP 32 MB, 110W
      This is a SCSI-inside, Legacy-plus, TCPA-free computer :)
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