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  • Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 18:32:18 -0700 (MST)

Hello to all of my list members, and AIA for all you who may get this 
more than once. :)

I'm posting this to let you know that some things have changed at our 
host, freelists.org that affects all of us.

First, some background: Freelists is powered, software-wise by Listar.  
Listar is a GNU/Free (as in freedom) software mailing list manager
(MLM), written as a GPLed alternative to more proprietary solutions,
such as Listserv, Listproc, etc. And although other alternatives such as
Majordomo and EzMLM are free, they have their own limitations. So Peter
Losher and a few others got together to write their own MLM.

For a long time, all was good, and Listar grew and developed, and ran a 
LOT of lists...

However, several months ago, some jerkholes sued Peter and the Listar 
crew claiming copyright infringement in the name "Listar". Now could 
they have said that the name was theirs first, and could Losher kindly 
rename it? Of course, but in a prime example of why the US civil tort 
system so desperately needs major reform, they chose to introduce 
themselves with a subpoena. 

So since Peter felt that since he was a volunteer, and with virtually no
budget et al, he had no choice but to rename Listar. So the name he
chose was "Ecartis"..

Yea, I know, WTF is an Ecartis? Where does that name come from, and 
exactly what was Losher smoking at the time? LOL...

And Saturday night, Peter and the Ecartis crew released a security 
bulletin, so John Madden, the owner of Freelists updated Freelists' 
Listar software to the latest release of Ecartis.

Now how this affects you, is that the old address you used to manage 
your subscription, listar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, is now ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Everything else is the same, such as the commands and such, just the 
address has changed. Please update your addressbooks and wetware. <g>

I should point out that the old listar@ address still exists, in the 
form of an alias to ecartis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx However, if you send your 
email to listar, the response will come as from Ecartis. AFAIK, John 
will maintain that alias for the forseeable future, but it is best to 
get in the habit of using the ecartis address.

If you want to know more, including background on the lawsuit, you can 
go to http://www.ecartis.org for information.

Thank you all, and happy listing.
Owner, FreeNET, Calmira_Tips and Juno_accmail

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