<CT> A few questions about making calmira look like win98

  • From: "David Creber" <d_creber@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 09:55:16 +0000

A few questions about calmira from a novice:

First, i want to get a totally 3d look to my win 3.1. I have the win98 style 
minimize maximise buttons thanks to ptchdrive, and i have calmira, but i 
want to have a 3d effect when i right click on things and when i select the 
drop down menus in applications.

I downloaded all3d and have installed it, but it doesn't seem to have had 
any effect. If i change the background colour in the config setup, it 
changes the colour of dialogue boxes, so it is working. The ctl3d.dll that i 
had in my system file was newer than the one in all3d, so i tried leaving 
that alone and i also tried replacing it with the older one. Neither had any 
effect on the menus.

Maybe this program doesn't do what i want to do, or maybe i have installed 
it wrongly.

The other thing i would like is to have the mini icon in the top right hand 
corner of each window.

The only program that i can find that does either is Mask98, but it costs - 
can anyone email me a crack or suggest an alternative?

Finally (and possibly the most relevant to this list), i would like to 
understand the best way of using file descriptions. At the moment not all my 
files have descriptions; is there a way of showing filenames _or_ 
descriptions if there is one. Just so that when i am looking for a file the 
names are all in one list rather than two lists. For example, i have a 
folder that i have called 'doc' and have described as 'my documents'. I 
would like the 'my documents' to appear in the same column as all my other 
How do other people use the file description feature?

thanks for any help you can offer


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