<CT> A bozo who gets, and replies to, the digest.

  • From: Williams Les <Les.Williams@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <calmira_tips@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 12:30:05 -0000

Here we go again folks..

1. Andru:
  > i just got a flame from the list server admin sayin that i'm wastin
   > everybodys bandwidth by overquotin.

followed by...

  > From: "Mike Webb" <mwnews@xxxxxxxxxx>
  > It is very annoying to me to see
  > Subject:          <CT> Re: calmira_tips Digest V1 #41
  > in posts to this list. I don't know whether to read it, 
  > delete or what. 

   You should read everything on <CT>, as its all of EarthShattering 
   importance.   8)

1. Us 'digesters' minimise bandwidth by often replying to two or more mails
   in a single transmission, once a day, rather than on-line chattering.
Since we
   also see the total daily contents of each thread, we hopefully don't tend
   duplicate, and only add what might have been missed.
2. But if we put all subjects in the line, we get complaints because the
lines are 
   too long for some peoples mail readers. We went through that one a while
   back on this list. I've been posting my multiple replies as RE:CT
   for a long time now, without apparent complaint.

3. This has nothing to do with netiquette, its all about personal
   If you are having problems with the amount of email, might I suggest
   you switch to digest, which can be read in a fraction of the time it
   takes to sort, open, and scan individual mails. This also leads to saving
   of disk space, therefore less frequent hard disk replacement or backup, 
   therefore less fish consumed in Japan, eventually saving the whale, the
earth and 

> P.S. I'm allowing 48 hours; anybody who replies to the digest after 
> that without changing the subject line will be gently and 
> mildly flamed  by name. 
P.S. gently and mildly off:  Only accept rule-flame from the owner of this 
list (BLJ), or representatives of freelists - those who make the rules here.

Which of these are you?

Happy Birthday/Christmas/NuYr  Bob,Andru,Ross,Erwin,Brian,Greg,John,David,
et al...
(Al who? Al O'Vue! )

and if you are watching, Mr. freelist.dhs.org, I like this freelist
mail/response thing;
its almost like DOS at 128 bps, and seems to be trying to evolve usefully,
so thanks 
and Merry Christmas 2U2. 

see you all next year...  wes.

Specially chosen Basque Proverb:
Entzun eta isil, baiezko borobil
"If you hear something and you don't object, people will assume that you

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