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  • From: "Ross Nelson" <coutcin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 08:50:09 -0600

>Dear Billy, Ross, Christina, and Stephen
>Thanks so much for answering my question so completely. If I get the gist 
>of it, I think you're telling me- "if it ain't crashed, don' fix it"

yw.  :)  You just said a rule concerning Win95!  ;)  Win95 fixes bugs and 
makes your comp run faster!  zzzzzz.  Crash, crash, crash.  :)  The only 
time mine crashes is when *I* cause it to.  :)


Now, on to the ":(".  Erwin, I finally found a bug in Calmira.  I got a 
GraphLink cable (for transfering programs/strings to/from TI calculators) 
for Christmas.  Whenever I try to shutdown Windows (keeping comp on 24/7), 
it won't close if connect8.exe is loaded.  Not sure what it is.  The program 
is available somewhere on the ti-calc.org site.  If you want, I can find it.

Also, does Calmira extrememly slow down the boot process for any of you?  
When I got WinfWG3.11 on my 486 again, I was so happy to see Windows load in 
5 seconds, compared to 2-3 minutes for Win98(SE).  But, it was progman. I 
put Calmira on, as any loyal Calmirite would do, but now I wait 1-2 minutes 
for the login dialog, and another 1-2 for the icons and taskbar to load.  
Has it always been like this, or is it a new problem on my computer?

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