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Hello Liz.

Will the new download service work with Victor Reader Stream?

As I said in an earlier e-mail, I still prefer Calibre books for my reading, although I am also a member of the RNIB Talking Book Service, but I find that they do not stick to my book lists, whereas Calibre do.

If I want to, I have other ways of reading. I use an Optacon reading machine, so could theoretically borrow any book from any public library, although it would take time to read, and would mean that I would have to sit at a desk with my arm in a fixed position for all the time I was reading.

I also have a very good talking scanner, and although it has a very good synthetic voice, I would still prefer books to be read to me in a human voice.

Finally, I am a competent Braille reader, but have given up my membership of the Braille library in protest at the forced introduction of Unified English Braille. I still have a number of Braille books which I bought some years ago, in proper Braille, which I will one day get round to reading.

Best wishes,


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