[calibrebooks] Re: So what is everyone reading?

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I haven't had any Calibre books for over 2 weeks until today when 7 turned 
up. I had with it 2 RNIB which brings my stock up to 3. Apparently the 
industrial action by the post office is now over for a while but they have a 
really massive back log to clear.

I have Malala on order fro some one but not sure now who. I was looking 
forward to getting it but now I want it even sooner. I have just finished 
reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand which was so funny in places but with 
an underlying message. He lives in a rural middle class village not far from 
Hastings in East Sussex. A widower of 6 years and now 68 years old he 
becomes romantically involved with the beautiful Pakistani widow who keeps 
the village mini market. The reaction and prejudice of the locals and family 
down to him almost being forced to leave the exclusive golf club is so 
typical. A RNIB book but a very enjoyable read. Finished it last night so 
tonight will be a Calibre, first for a long time.

Normally when a list is moved to a new host the list groans under the weight 
of messages being sent testing to check if they are members yet. I've just 
noticed the address of this one. I don't have to test I'm in.


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I have been without a Calibre book for a few days, so have been reading
Audible books.

I have recently finished I Am Malala.  It is an excellent autobiography of
the girl from Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban.  A very good read - well
written, and her own voice comes over very well.  It gives a good insight
into the minds and hearts of folk in the Swat valley.

Now I am reading Philomena by Martin Sixsmith.  This has recently been made
into a film.  It is the story of a girl in 1950s Ireland who had her
illegitimate baby taken away from her and sent to the USA.  I am only part
way through, but it is another, very different, but equally fascinating,


Elizabeth Lovick, Orkney, UK
northernlace on Ravelry and LizLovick on Twitter

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