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I have just finished reading Midnight, by Josephine Cox, which I 
enjoyed very much.

The story begins with Jack, a successful car salesman, being 
woken by his partner Molly, as he was yet again experiencing one 
of his many nightmares.

Molly is concerned that the regularly interrupted sleep will make 
Jack unfit for work, and it is already causing problems in their 

Molly persuades Jack to go to his doctor and make an appointment 
to see someone qualified to deal with this type of problem.

We also meet former neighbour Libby, whose mother Eileen has 
symptoms similar to Alzheimer's disease.   There is also Tom next 
door, who is very kind and gentle, and looks after Eileen when 
Libby is unable to.

There are other interesting characters, but I don't want to say 
any more, as I would give too much of the story away.

If you like a book that is easy to read, and well-written, and 
which holds your interest, then order this from Calibre.


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