[cad-linux] updated cad/linux/gpl software directory

  • From: Eric Wilhelm <ewilhelm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 12:38:50 -0500

Phrostie's page goes a long way toward shedding light on what programs are 
available for Linux, but barely scratches the surface of false-starts and 
related issues.

I'm looking for someone with the time and web resources to start a directory 
which will be kept up-to-date.

What I propose is this:

1.  A listing of all cad-related software which is GPL, open-source, or runs 
on open-source platforms.

2.  Will include both end-user programs and backend/library software.

3.  Will include dead projects (marked as such) and possibly links to archives 
(cached source code in case the project's website has died.)

4.  Will list the status of the project (active/stalled/dead) and possibly the 
number of developers/users.

5.  Project status will be maintained on a monthly basis by an e-mail 
listserver.  Failure to reply to the e-mail will generate a 'stalled' status, 
while bounced e-mail will generate a 'dead' status.

Why do we need this?

1.  google-ability.  Users and developers need a reliable list of software 
which runs on linux and gpl'd projects.

2.  tracking/consolidation.  I think too many projects get started and then 
die.  Possibly because the developer could not find other projects or 

3.  establish a community.  Possibly a few low-traffic mailing lists would be 
established to announce new projects and calls for developers/testers.

This is really true for all gpl'd software.  So possibly something is already 
in existence.  However, it seems that there is more dead-and-dying cad 
software than any other category, but maybe that is just my view of it.

I think the key aspect is that it needs to be reliably kept up-to-date.  
Manual maintenance is out of the question, since the site maintainer is 
likely to run out of time.  A setup which requires each developer to assert 
the status of their project distributes the workload considerably.

It may need some wiki-like aspect, since individuals should be able to add 
software to the listing (e.g. uploading their private cache of dead gpl'd 
programs, etc.)

Possibly, simply consolidating some existing directories would do the trick?  
I'm looking for suggestions (and volunteers.)

"I will not reason and compare, my business is to create...
The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom."
                                        --William Blake

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