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dear sirs,
please UNSUBSCRIBE me / my email-adress from your list
andrej holic

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Betreff: [cad-linux] Re: Tomcad first run; QCad and FreeCad comments.
Call for in...

Comments below.

On Sun, 2003-01-12 at 11:00, AJBIBB@xxxxxxx wrote:
> In a message dated 1/12/2003 12:35:24 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> lux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > FreeCad:
> > There is a drafting package called FreeCad that is Windows/Qt based, but
> > ready for porting to Linux.
> > The owner replied to my email with enthusiasm saying they are: a) just
> > about ready to release it on
> > the Windows side and b) ready to have someone port to Linux.  Is anyone
> > interested ?
> >
> I just did a search for "freecad" and if I got the right site it seems to
> a basic 3D model and animation program.  The web site also said a linux
> version was available so maybe I found the wrong place.

I didn't go to the website, I found it on freshmeat or SourceForge.

A couple of questions.  Is it GPL or similar?,

GPL from what I understand.

and does it use QT3.0x or
> above?  If the answers are yes to both I might be able to work on the

Don't know which Qt.

The organizer tells me that they had it running on Debian Linux a while
back, just that the make files, etc need to be brought up to date.  So
it isn't even a real port, more or less just get it running.  However,
I've seen those projects get to being a full port anyway...

> It will however need to take it's place in line with my other project
> (LX-Viewer).

I'm busy too.

> Andy
Kim Lux <lux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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