[cad-linux] Re: reply from TomCAD owner

  • From: Kim Lux <lux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: 19 Jan 2003 13:44:02 -0700

On Sun, 2003-01-19 at 12:47, marrandy wrote:
> Despite the fact you have emailed thoughout this thread, you seem to be 
> totally missing the point.

Me too then. 

> I am not going to download, attempt to install, use, bug report over a dozen 
> CAD applications.

You don't have to for several reasons:

a) there are multiple people in this group and we can split the work
among the group.

b) we don't have to get them debuggged, only figure out what each one
has to offer to us, enough info to make some decisions. I don't think we
are going to fix/develop a dozen CAD applications, only one.  

> I already bug report 30+ app's that I use because they are functional.

OK, so you've got some experience. 

> When people get together and work to create at least one, if not two 
> credible, 
> useable CAD programs, it will be different.

So you will probably not want to be involved at this stage.  That is
OK.  We'll keep you in mind for later. 

> I don't have the luxury of having my time wasted.

The term "time wasted" is relative.  Right now you would be using a
Linux CAD package if one was available. But one isn't. What we are doing
is investing time NOW for something that will give all of us and every
linux cad person a useable/great tool LATER.

It does take time, no doubt about it. Some parts of the exercise are not
very efficient.  If you are looking for a package to use next month, it
won't happen.  (Maybe a beta ?  Maybe TOMCad or Varkon or Cascade based
?)  But probably not.  However in 3 or 6 months or a year, there will be

>   This thread is rapidly 
> deteriorating to a point where it's not worth contributing too anymore.

What makes you say that.  Yes, we are bumbling around asking questions,
looking at things, asking opinions, etc.  THAT IS A VERY IMPORTANT PART
OF DEVELOPING A PROJECT.  (Capitals used for emphasis, not shouting.) 
After another week or two of "bumbling around" we'll probably put some
things in writing, set some goals and get going on things.  

I liked some of the banter that went on last week.  I think we've got
some people who are interested and willing to contribute in various ways
to getting a Linux CAD solution into existence.  

Kim Lux <lux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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