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keith frost wrote:


> Seconded.
> the new interface is slick and VariCAD runs reliably but the import
> export are extremely limited in 3d (in version 8 IGES 3D output is
> removed as they are rewriting the whole thing so if you need IGES 3D
> export you must use the last 7.5 version which can read and save v. 8
> file format) and the curves are not curves but multi face solids. Once
> they finally fix this and give IGES 3D export AND import it will be a
> huge step forward. I use it everyday with good results

The last version 7 was for Linux. Tt is rather more a patch than a
full version, only the varicad exe has to be replaced. This version
understands the new file format.

The 1st windows version which used the new file format was 8.0.


> ahead and try the demo. The old GUI was not so bad after a little
> practice.

In some cases it was more efficient than the new one. But it took longer
to learn the interface.
The older version were extreme unassuming on resources.


mferrari@xxxxxxx wrote:

> i can't find the link but recall seeing a utility that
> will convert the 3D varicad files to other formats.
> it is not from varicad but, was mentioned on their
> forum.
> does anyone know if this works with 8.x

I think you mean the interface from Martin Herren.
It is an IGES to AC3D converter, so also IGES output from VariCAD is

Take a loook at:

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