[cad-linux] Re: intellicad/Wine

  • From: phrostie <pfrostie@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 10:20:07 -0700 (PDT)

i've run intellicad in the past on RH, debian and MDK boxes. i've used
rpms(codeweavers and daily buils),debs, and source tarballs. 
with the exception of how you unpack it the setup has been the same with few

when i first got icad2000 running i thought the speed was acceptable on
stripped builds(no debugging), but the full builds such as codeweavers were a
little slower. especailly when using the osnap.

on icad2001 there did not seem to be as much difference in speed between
stripped and unstripped builds, so using codeweavers should be fine.
most of the betas of icad2001 have been much slower than icad2000.  the current
evaluation download is the first real improvement in speed i've seen.  it is on
par with icad2000 maybe even a little faster on a few things, but as i've said
i have not had the time to really try and trash it yet.

i was trying to use Xoveroffice at one point just for ease of instllation, but
it did not seem to like my windowmanager(afterstep).  it seems more setup for
kde and gnome users.  i'll try to get back to this and use kde.

one quirk seems to be starting off with reg files that intellicad like.
i can post these and my current config to the list if there is interest.  i
don't want to be bogging down peoples bandwidth other wise.

i am in the process of updating the howto. so as i've said, any note or extra
tweaks you come up with are appreciated.

--- Robert Davis <rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Phrostie
> I know you don't run Windows for a speed comparison, but...
> Is the speed ICAD 3.3 useable? Are you using Codeweavers 
> Office X-Over, Codeweavers WINE, or stock WINE from 
> WINEHQ? How involved was it to setup? 
> TOTAL newbie here.
> Thanks,
> Rob
> phrostie wrote:
> just finished the download and installation of the new intellicad2001
> r3.3(cadopia). It installs fine and runs much faster than previous releases.
> i did not have time to put it thru all the hoops, but it looks good so far. 

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