[cad-linux] Re: intellicad/Wine

  • From: "Brian Johnson" <bjohnson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:21:13 +0000

I just changed my config file and got icad2001 3.3 (I think it's 3.3 - how do 
check for sure?) working on my redhat 7.3 system

I'm using wine-cvs-opengl-072202-1.i386.rpm and my config file is set to use 
files except for "msvcrt"       = "native, builtin"

Icad 2000 still works too - it also works if I use the builtins for the above 
but 2001 stops working then

phrostie (pfrostie@xxxxxxxxx) wrote*:
>when i first started having trouble with the mouse i had just run an update to
>the latest SID.  this was back in april or may.  i uninstalled the debian
>package and downloaded the tarball of older versions that had been working.
>now they were behaving in the same manor.  i double checked the date that i'd
>saved drawings and they were stamped in feb and march.  so the builds for those
>months should have worked, if the problem was Wine.  when i changed from the
>unstable sid to stable woody in (i guess it was) july the mouse problems went
>away and it was like there had never been an issue.
>as for the native linux apps, mine were working fine too.
>infact i even tried generalcadd(2D) on Wine and it worked when icad would not.
>maybe it's something to do with the 3D?  have you tried changing to paperspace
>and drawing something?
>tonight i'll do an ldd to see what all wine is looking for and post it for
>everyones comparison.  maybe we can find a (un)common lib.
>--- Robert Davis <rob@> wrote:
>> Phrostie
>> So your experience says that this probably isn't a WINE issue? The mouse
>> works perfectly in all Linux apps, if the mouse issue was resolved ICAD
>> would be darn useable. The only other 'issue' I'm experiencing is
>> dropped x-refs, which may just be a path or config. problem.
>> Lycoris is based on Caldera's OpenLinux distro.
>> Rob
>> phrostie wrote:
>> >i've also been hearing that those running Lycoris seem to be having the
>> same/similar mouse problem as i was with debian sid.  maybe we can isolate
>> this problem.
>> >
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