[cad-linux] Re: cad-linux still alive [if only on life-support...

  • From: "Lars O. Grobe" <grobe@xxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 19:10:07 +0800


Eric wrote:
> Yes.  It is as much about the entrenched assets as anything.  People 
> will entertain the idea of changing workflows, but if you can't at 
> least *read* their existing files from the start, they have to learn to 
> use your drawing tool and build-up a drawing from a blank page before 
> getting any sort of feel of whether it would work for them.  Being able 
> to open some .dwg files means you can use your existing templates and 
> generally explore a new tool (even if you have to export .dxf from the 
> open source program to feed back into your workflow.)
I did not want to propose that people should not have a way to move 
their data from propietary formats into open ones.

I just think that the problem of commercial cad systems not to be able 
to save in vendor-independent formats should not burden open source cad 
solutions. As long as open source cad can read and write open standards, 
they are perfectly functional. The missing interface to the open 
standards is not in the open cads, but in the propietary ones. So I 
think that the interface should be provided either as a convertor 
software, or even as a plug-in like module for the commercial cad. 
Having one programmer who is using Autocad and following the changes in 
releases, formats and interfaces to write an export-plugin is ways 
easier then having every open source cad keeping on developer busy 
tracking the changes in Autocad.

And, again, the user experience counts here. The problem is located in 
the propietary cad, the solution should be there, too, and problems 
arising should be clearly identifyable as e.g. a problem when exporting 
from Autocad to iges, but not in importing into an open cad app that 
understands iges perfectly and just did not follow the latest change in dwg.

Cheers, Lars.

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