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  • From: Doug McNutt <douglist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:14:27 -0600

At 13:16 -0300 7/16/09, Yorik van Havre wrote:
>Thanks for the good analysis, Lars

Add my thinks.

Yorik van Havre continued:
>About terrible state of 2D and users being disappointed about not behaving
>like Autocad, I agree, it's happening already :) I fear only us architects
>really need 2D, which represent a very small portion of the opensource CAD

Not at all. I really liked MacDraw for 2-D engineering drawings, especially 
electronic circuit schematics. When Apple killed it with the Claris fiasco I 
switched to MiniCAD which was also pretty good but a whole lot more expensive 
with embryonic 3-D capability.

MiniCAD has now become Vectorworks with a whole lot of 3-D but less 2-D 
capability. The electronic symbols that I created in MacDraw and converted to 
MiniCAD seem to require rework with every new edition of Vectorworks which is 
now owned by Nemetchek.

Nemetchek obviously knows where its bread and butter come from.  "Improvements" 
over the last couple of decades seem exclusively for the architects.  If only 
MacDraw would work on new Apple's I would be using it still.

How about a MacDraw for Linux? I had a look at inkscape, which uses Adobe's SVG 
format, that almost gets there. I haven't found things I expect, like creating 
primitives with dimensioned sizes but it might be just a learning curve 
situation for me. I have recently learned a bit about X-11 commands and they 
are surprisingly close  Apple's Quickdraw that made MacDraw work.


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