[cad-linux] Linux Drawing Viewer - need opinions

  • From: AJBIBB@xxxxxxx
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 19:05:02 EST

I managed to get a drawing to plot and even (surprisingly) figured out how to 
print to a defined scale.  However, as is typical with computers I ran into 
an unexpected problem and I need opinions on how to proceed.  

Plotting using QT (the only way I am about to tackle this problem) version 
2.3 forces the postscript output to be a 72 dpi.  There is no way to adjust 
this value.  In researching the problem I discovered that one of the major 
enhancements of QT3 is the ability to map output to the real dpi values for 
your printer.  This will obviously provide much better print quality (say 600 
dpi compared to 72 dpi). 

At 72 dpi the output looks like it was made with a 9pin dot matrix printer - 
readable but not presentation quality.  The question I have for anyone using 
my viewer program:  could you live with 72 dpi printing in the next version 
and not have to be bothered upgrading your QT libraries, or would you rather 
upgrade and have the better quality print?  Eventually I'll be going to QT3 
so it is just a question of sooner or later?  

By the way, printing to a file with QT is trivial (at 72 dpi).  Once I get 
this portion wrapped up not only will you be able to print to paper, but you 
will also be able to save the file in Postscript format for easy viewing and 
converting.  I know - it sounds too easy (which is what I thought when it was 
first mentioned on this mailing list) but it really works that way.


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