[cad-linux] Re: GraphiteOne Q&A

  • From: Roland Krause <rokrau@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 10:23:30 -0800 (PST)

thanks for the clarification. 
I noticed that you are using HOOPS for GraphiteOne. Can you even offer
your software for free if you have to pay for HOOPS? Are you eventually
interested in replacing HOOPS? 


--- Thomas Schmidt <thomas.schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All,
> There have been some questions about GraphiteOne. Let me try to
> answer them:
> TomCAD:
> Strictly speaking, TomCAD was the predecessor of GraphiteOne. From a
> techology 
> point of view, they have nearly nothing in common. GraphiteOne
> provides much 
> more functions and is based on a different technology. 
> Regarding the licence: TomCAD was GPL. And will always be.
> GraphiteOne has a 
> different licencing. See below.
> Licence:
> GraphiteOne is dual-licenced. It is free for private, educational or
> research 
> use. It is not free for any commercial, revenue generating purposes.
> You may look here for details:
> http://www.graphiteone-cad.com/en/
> contentframe.php?body=about_licencing&menu=about
> Yes, it's not GPL. Hope that's not too bad.
> Pricing:
> There is of course a standard price for a single-user/single-seat
> licence.
> Apart from that, GraphiteOne is priced on a per customer basis. This
> might 
> include training, support, customer specific changes/features...
> Please write to info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx if you are interested in
> details.
> Who is going to use this?
> Answer is open source like: Anyone who think it is usefull enough :-)
> GraphiteOne was not build to make me incredibly rich. It was build
> because I 
> liked to. Thats why it is free for private use. The existance and the
> future 
> of GraphiteOne does not at all depend on commercial customers. This
> being 
> said, I have to admit that there are indeed commercial customers with
> some 
> interest in GraphiteOne. Please understand that I cannot state any
> names. The 
> most interesting usage of GraphiteOne would be some kind of inhouse
> usage, 
> where GraphiteOne is part of some specialized solution. Thats where 
> GraphiteOne fits best because of its open and extensible nature.
> Fast AG
> The Fast AG has quite some tradition in IT consulting/training.
> Providing 
> products is comparativly new. Nethertheless, one need a company to do
> business. I'm working for Fast AG as a IT consultant for some years
> now, so 
> it was the obvious choice to work together on commercial GraphiteOne 
> offerings.
> Bye,
> Thomas

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