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  • Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 09:19:32 -0800 (PST)

AC3D has a new version out.
this is not a true cad, but is really a lot of fun to play with.
the most noteable new feature is the Boolean/CSG operations.

Andy Colebourne <xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx>
11/04/2003 03:36 PM GMT
Please respond to update

 To: keith.frost@xxxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: AC3D 4.0

This is a quick reminder to let you know that AC3D 4.0 is now out for both
Windows and Linux.

If you haven't yet upgraded your licence, you can still upgrade for a limited
period from:


AC3D 4.0 includes: speed optimisations, 2D/3D text, Boolean/CSG operations and
subdivision surfaces.

To read more about what's new in AC3D 4.0, see: http://www.ac3d.org/ac3d/newin4

If you've mislaid your licence key - email andy @ ac3d.org and I'll do my best
to find it.

Visit the AC3D community at the new AC3D forum - http://www.ac3d.org/forum

The main site is http://www.ac3d.org

Best wishes,


If you do not wish to receive further email updates regarding AC3D, visit

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