[cad-linux] Re: FSF priority project for dwg reading support

  • From: "Lars O. Grobe" <grobe@xxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 02:55:48 +0800

Dear Rodrigo,
thank you for giving us some insight into your recent work on an open 
source dwg support library!

>> I don't fully agree. For two reasons: one, converting from DWG to DWX
>> potentially causes data loss, since DXF is a subset of DWG. Two, most
>> non-hacker people don't even know what DXF is. Talking to engineers
>> and architects, I've been told that most AutoCAD files are shared in
>> DWG format. It's like asking someone to save their .doc in .rtf.

Well, as I am an architect, I would have to disagree here. dxf has been 
promoted quite a lot as the "standard exchange format" by Autocad, 
which, of course, it never was. However most people using Autocad are 
familiar with dxf. About dataloss, I have never experienced any such 
thing, it is only that dxf files tend to be larger. But maybe there are 
scenarios where such data loss happens, I just never experienced it.

>> Two other things: we do support versions other than R2000. R13, R14
>> and R2004 are currently working. R2010 (and its variants) is still
>> obscure: ODA has reverse engineered it but hasn't released the specs
>> so far.

Ok, sounds less dramatic then what I heard before. So this means that 
new dwg versions will be supported? The background is that old dwg 
formats are even more obscure then up-to-date dxf formats to the user.

>> We are also working on write support - if everything goes as expected
>> we'll have a SoC student working on it this summer. We are also trying
>> to revive out python binding work.

Wow so much more going on behind the scenes :-) I personally do not care 
about writing support that much, but for sure would be happy to directly 
import the files I get from Autocad world. How are you planning to 
handle 3d in the future, is there any hope to digg into ACIS and support 
solids one day?

>> Whereas we have a mostly working library, we haven't released
>> officially yet. We will make an alpha release soon if we manage to fix
>> some known bugs. Please subscribe to info-libredwg@xxxxxxx for
>> announcements. I can announce to this list as well.

I am sure that subscribers here would appreciate if you make an 
announcement here once we can test the library!



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