[cad-linux] Re: DWF conversions

  • From: Michael Montagne <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:27:38 -0700

As long as we have an Autodesk guy on the line, I'd like to request a
plugin for Galeon (or mozilla) to view dwf files.  It'd be one less
reason for me to fire up IE.

>On 11/09/02, from the brain of lee.harding@xxxxxxxxxxxx tumbled:

> Today will be even longer...
> Well, it all started back when I first installed BeOS R3...
> You've had a long day Lee...
> Glad to see some Linux interest at Autodesk. Are you a Linux guy that 
> joined them or an Autodesk guy getting interested in Linux?
> lee.harding@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >Regarding 2: The DWF is more like and electronic plot than a DWG, which may 
> >explain how it appears in the OpenDWG tool(view)kit.  DWF is an electronic 
> >archiving format -- that is, it contains only the information the author 
> >chooses to publish (unlike a DWG). It's better than rasters (TIFF, JPG, 
> >etc.) because it is vectors; is much smaller than a PDF; searchable; 
> >indexable; etc. etc. etc.  Once a DWG is converted to DWF, it is basically 
> >impossible to get back to a usable DWG.
> >
> >That sounds like marketing, but I'm just trying to be informative.
> >

> >
> >2)  DWF:  The openDWG alliance does have an interface module that can be 
> >downloaded which is supposed to interface with the sources that need to be 
> >downloaded from Autodesk to provide DWF input and output.  I note that the 
> >module is part of the Viewkit, not the Toolkit, so whatever input and output 
> >occurs from this module will deal with pixels on the screen and not the 
> >underlying structure of the DWG file.
> >
> >3)  How to do it:  I don't think there are really any licensing issues here. 
> > 
> >Basically Autodesk still holds the license to their piece, I just write a 
> >GPL 
> >code to interface with it.  OpenDWG also provides a script file to convert 
> >source code (I am not sure if it is theirs or Autodesk's)  into something 
> >that Linux can handle.  When I saw that I kind of said "I don't need this 
> >right now",  I have my hands full just trying to get the program to compile 
> >for users of gcc 3x. There seems to be enough interest however so I can 
> >certainly put it on the list of things to get to.  I was about ready to 
> >declare this project done, but I should be able to deal with one more piece. 
> > 
> >
> >
> >  
> >


Michael Montagne

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