[cad-linux] Re: CAD with server/client architecture

  • From: Thomas Schmidt <thomas.schmidt@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 13:59:31 +0200


that was me saying :"t's really easy to start coding and get a couple=20
of lines on the screen".
This thread started with great ideas about client/server design.
I think that a client/server design can be really helpfull to solve lots
of business requirements. For a living, I work for a telecom company
designing/developing client/server services. Based on the experiences
I have made there, I would never choose to implement a CAD system
as a client/server system as suggested at the beginnings of the thread.
Its not that such a design does not work. Its the amount of work you
have to put in such a system. The problems are often underestimated.
Session management, user management, concurrency control,=20
data integrity, or on a more technical side, protocol definitions and
implementations, network transparent object references, distributed garba=
collection, and so on. Building a client/server system from scratch is=20
not for the faint-hearted, even with Corba/RMI/XML-RPC, you name it.=20

But this is also true for many software projects. Many open source develo=
start very excited with something and get bored when it comes down
to production level quality. Lets take a example, but first let me say
that _everybody_ developing opensource softweare has my respects, no
matter how far they come. Now consider a OS CAD. The developer
has already spend some time on this project, and you are already
seeing some results. Developing is currenty fun and progress is good.
But there will be a point when the fun vanishs. This is when the develope=
has to implement the _endless_ number of things which are needed for
some level of production quality, including, for example, documentation.
Some day this CAD program might be really good, but its a long way.
And this way might be too long for the developer.

So, whats my point? Start on any project, no matter how ambitious.
Make a good design which allows to implement feature by feature.
But do not be suprised that even after two years of development,
the project is not nearly finished and no longer that much fun.=20
I would really love to see a CAD program on Linux comparable to=20
Linux itself, KDE/Gnome, Apache, OOffice,... in their domains.=20
But its so much work to do, and having lots of abandoned projects=20
does not help when someone has to decide if his/her company=20
should switch to Linux.
Nevertheless, keep on trying :-)


> > The following was supposedly scribed by
> Remember what someone said earlier in the thread:  something like: "it'=
> really easy to start coding and get a couple of lines on the screen"
> (whoever owns this quote, feel free to jump in and
> take-credit/correct/flame/whatever).
> BTW, where is this project? on sourceforge?
> --Eric

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