[cad-linux] Re: CAD for Schools (UK)

  • From: Dan Falck <dfalck@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 06:08:30 -0800

One thing to look at is using Bricscad under wine/linux.  It's not open 
source, but it's cost is very reasonable.  I'm an open source advocate, 
but if there is something that isn't there yet, I tend to go towards the 
path of least resistance.
I have used Bricscad on my Ubuntu Breezy Badger Linux box and it works 
very well.

Another avenue might be to get the school system together with the 
company that develops Opencascade and help them to set up a project for 
a CAD system.  I have talked with the Opencascade SA and they are very 
willing to develop something that can stay open source.  Development is 
their source of income.


Phil Thane wrote:
> Hello,
> CAD is used a lot in schools in the UK, 2D work is done mostly in TechSoft =
> 2D=20
> Design and 3D work in ProDESKTOP. Both on Windows. ProDESKTOP was provide=20
> free by the government (I think PTC used it as a 'product placement'=20
> exercise) and 2D Design is a commercial product. ProDESKTOP is now obsolete=
> =20
> and schools are starting to look for alternatives. TechSOft is now selling=
> =20
> SolidWorks to some well-funded schools, but it is expensive and rather too=
> =20
> powerful for most schools
> I used to be a full time teacher, then I was support manager at TechSoft fo=
> r 8=20
> years and now I'm a full time writer (links to work from my site if you are=
> =20
> interested) and occasional teacher. I write a lot about Linux and OSS and a=
> m=20
> trying to encourage the government in Wales to look seriously at Linux and=
> =20
> OSS. Two things are holding back schools and CAD is a big one, there isn't =
> a=20
> relatively simple 3D package.
> =46rom my investigations so far it seems that Varkon has the parametrics, S=
> alome=20
> has the integration of different modules and FreeCAD has the interface (but=
> =20
> not much else) Kreative3D has a nice wiki but no code. Isn't it about time=
> =20
> someone got these open source guys to co-operate?=20
> =2D-=20
> Regards
> Phil Thane
> Bryn Villa
> Penycoed Road (off Brook St)
> Llangollen
> LL20 8LR
> 01978 861677
> 07971 987623
> phil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> www.brynvilla.llangollen.co.uk

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