[cad-linux] Bricscad Linux native (was: Re: LinuxCAD Installation Problems)

  • From: Thomas Besser <thomas.besser@xxxxxx>
  • To: cad-linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 12:23:51 +0100


I tried several times the bricscad linux demo version with wine without 
success on my debian box.

Am Sonntag, 7. Januar 2007 16:03 schrieb Emiel van Rossum:
> If you are looking for a replacement of Autocad, Bricscad would be the best
> choice, the interface is almost identical to autocad and it is much
> cheaper. However, Bricscad is made running on linux using the winelib. By
> using the winelib its runs with linux but not as stable as it should be.
> Here:
> http://international.cad4linux.nl/cms/e107_plugins/content/content.php?cont
>ent.6you will find a review. There will be a native Bricscad version at the
> end of 2007, this version would be similair to the version they make for
> microsoft windows. I am looking forward to the native bricscad, because
> Bricscad has everything i am looking for in a cad program.

For the first time I read now, that a native linux version is planned. From 
where do you have this information? Is there an announcement from bricscad? I 
found nothing on googling.


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