[cad-linux] Re: BMP extractor

  • From: "Brian Johnson" <bjohnson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 08:50:46 -0500

I just got the source code.  The most recent date of the files (a few files
including main.cpp) in the tar.gz is Dec 21

The program extracts the bmp, it just doesn't exit cleanly.  I'm in the
process of switching servers (from Slackware Linux to Red Hat Linux) so the
problem may fix itself when I get it compiled on the new machine.

After setting up a script to process directories and change the extracted
bmp to png, we have decided for now not to make a web interface.  We are
mostly a Windows shop and have discovered that the file explorer will
display previews of graphic files without loading any special software.
With an extracted preview, the file manager itself becomes a good browsing

Should we see if phrostie would post the extractbmp and the script on his
web site (or put it on your sourceforge site).  I think if other people
could find it, they would use it - I think it's great!

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You are the only one who asked for a copy so I think it is only you and me.
I worked out the segmentation faults that I was getting before I sent it off
to you.  Right now on my computer it runs fine and exits cleanly.  Do you
them in the compiled version, the source version, or both?

If you want we can try to work it out, but since I don't get the fault you
will need to spend some time loading and running code to track this down by
trial and error.

let me know.


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