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> > The following was supposedly scribed by
> > cr88192
> > on Sunday 07 December 2003 06:39 pm:
> >I don't know exactly what fea is.
> Finite Element Analysis

hmm, this doesn't help much, since I don't know what finite element analysis
is either...

hmm, it seems I got distracted with homework and lost my train of thought
from earlier...
eventually I will have to go to sleep. there is school tomorrow (should be
the last week in class, maybe a few finals and such...).
classes for next semester don't look too exciting either (though at present
I don't remember what they are). english, socialogy, a+ hardware, something
the time I can reasonably stay up is fading away, I should probably sleep a
little more (I go to sleep about 12AM, and get up about 6AM). I don't know,
it seems ok for me.
it gradually approaches the time I usually wind down, not cool.

I still have a little more hw I should have done.

curious: anyone doing anything more interesting (like a job, or being
further along in college?...).
I am going to a community college myself (and not having a time much more
interesting than highschool). I graduated that earlier this year (barely,
but a 5th year of highschool would have sucked...).

this semester I had: introductory computers, introductory programming, math
(calculus), a+ software. I had to pay attention in calculus, and have a
crappy grade. that is lame (I am more used to ignoring the teacher, not
having a class where I have to pay attention lest I not know what is going
in all my experience I didn't look too deeply into calculus, so I knew a
little about most things mentioned, but nothing in depth...
english and sociology may suck, as they will probably involve writing

I am not really the school type.

I don't know.

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