[cad-linux-dev] my lack of recent cad activity

  • From: "cr88192" <cr88192@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2004 01:55:51 -0800

recently I have been doing, well, pretty much nothing wrt cad.

recently has been obsessing on network protocols (xmpp and xml-rpc in
then in my bit of fantasizing, I am imagining apps using im and rpc for
integrating with each other, sharing data, ...

this could possibly have interesting uses wrt cad, but, one can probably
guess how strong my ties are to any particular point of obsession for any
length of time.
if anything, I was considering the idea that the front-ends (moddelers,
renderers, ...) would be seperated from the back end (a kind of geometric db
or such), eg, by a layer of network protocol or rpc...
it may be a while before I do much of any real work on my cad again

anyways, recent work has largely been focused on the network front (and
building the framework required for some of my more recent extensions).

here are some specs related to the protocols of interest (for which I have
flogged endlessly recently):

(all these I have had implemented for quite a while...).

and here is a spec for an extension mechanism:

an annoyance is building the infrastructure required by my extension
mechanism (to actually be useful) has required fairly signifigant
alterations to my xml-rpc related code...
it requires a bit more work than it would first seem (eg: to make it so that
on the api level the protocol gains the ability to be more readily
extensible, maintaining info about peers, ...).
lots of work is generally needed throughout my network code if I have any
real hope of trying to once again persue the idea of the "application

I am unsure if any here would have any real interest in this kind of

cr88192 at hotmail dot com

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