[cad-linux-dev] GtkCAD 0.2.0 is released ....

  • From: "Jim parker" <jparker@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <cad-linux-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 15:33:05 -0500

G'Day !

This list has been quite for awhile, is it still alive ?

While not an official release, today I am proud to announce the first
developer's release of GtkCAD.

Please be aware that this in not fully tested software, and contains
many security holes and memory leaks.


Despite my best efforts over the last couple of months,  I have not
been able to complete all the details, so there are still quite a bit of
rough edges that need to be polished.  This is also a feature incomplete
release.  My next immediate tasks are to complete the embedded SQL code,
particularly for the plug-in modules.

I am still using an old fashion Makefile, so it does not do any
checking for dependancies.  Anyone with expertise, I sure could use the
help in converting to Automake/Autoconfig.

GtkCAD depends on Gtk+ 1.2, GLArea, and GLExtra, Mesa-3D, gnu GSL, and
a PostgreSQL database.

Anyone interested in helping me port to Gtk+ 2.4 or 2.6, please let me

GtkCAD is located at:  http://parkersailing.com/GtkCAD.html 

This is a temporary location pending my application for hosting at the
Free Software Foundation's Savanah ( http://savanah.gnu.org/ ) website.

I will also try to get some documentation out in the near future.

If you do decide to run it, you must create a database using the SQL
scripts in ./GtkCAD/src/DB/SQL/tables.sql

I am currently using embedded ANSI-92 SQL statements to interface with
the Postgresql database (Postgresql 7.2).  In theory it should work with
any database that supports the standard, but it is completely untested.

BTW my testing/development box is a Debian stable distribution.  The
only non-debian package I am using is the Gerris flow solver (One of my
plug-in modules).

I will be providing a full release package next week sometime.  I will
be presenting GtkCAD at the Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium this
weekend.  I am also cleaning up the last little details from my Thesis,
so I may need a little time to breath ...

If you have any questions, please let me know.


H. James Parker
Naval Architect
Gibbs and Cox, Inc.
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fax)      703-416-3679
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