[cabs103] Lesson 5 Question 2

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http://www.aace.org/pubs/cite/ is a newsletter I found that is called 
"Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education. The articles I read 
were relatively lengthy, but informative once I "skimmed and scammed" them.  
This section,

Utilizing Online Discussion to Support Reflection and Challenge Beliefs in 
Elementary Mathematics Methods Classrooms , actually covered discussion boards 
and how they can be used in classrooms.  I quickly realized that it's the same 
as our usage.  Increasing Computer Use in Early Childhood Teacher Education: 
The Case of a "Computer Muddler"  was also interesting in that it described a 
prof's attempts to incorporate more computer usage in his class even though he 
felt he was a "computer muddler".  He has many of the same issues that I've 
experienced in elementary and middle school teaching.   

I also signed up for a newsletter under http://www.infobeat.com/   but since it 
is delivered  but since it is delivered once a week on Fridays and I submitted 
my application on Saturday, I won't receive it until later this week.    

Jim Banas
God Bless America

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