[cablewiki] Re: Progress update

  • From: JayP <admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cablewiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 12:27:53 +0100

You're right, we're making progress but I also doubt that people are aware of it. I've added a note to the Operation page asking everyone that's working on the Beta to write a short report on his changes. We could also agree on having one or two prototypes that are always "state of the art" and embedd them on the Operation page so that people can see the progress imediately. I've chosen 07PARIS4650 for a start, since it has translation disabled for analysis, and it already has the new semantic infobox.

Here you can see a table created with the Semantic Mediawiki extension:
It let's you query a list of cables with a particular property. The properties are automaically assigned through the new infoboxes. I think this is pretty cool, we could easily add more properties and create a browsing system where you can filter the results for Origin, Classification etc. In the long run we can even think of crazy stuff like mapping the cables on a world map, I've already found an extension to do that.

If you haven't noticed: We have found a solution to the problem of creating new analysis pages in other languages. The translation extension wouldn't let you do that, but we wanted a solution without having to copy all the mediawiki markup (language bar, infobox etc.) by hand. Now we have created a nifty little dropdown menue on top of the article that let's you chose a language and creates a new article with preformatted content and correct name. The next step will be to have preformatting templates in various languages, so that when you create a new page in another language you don't need to translate the headings first. I will soon create an article on the beta where you can help translating templates and help pages.

I've recently given access to twitter and blog to two anons, I hope that they will help us reporting on the latest developements, too.



Zitat von No Name <futuremelt@xxxxxxxxx>:


It occured to me from the Operation Divided By Zero page that it's hard for
people to see if there is still activity on the project. Just to let you all
know that we're still working hard at it.

I'm currently working on getting the Citation Generator to work within wiki
pages, we're also messing with some features for the Analysis page.

We will call on the translators soon to translate some introduction pages
and text on the wiki, once we have the Translate extension working smoothly.

We have a long way to go on our to-do list, but it doesn't have to be
perfect before we go live, and we're getting there. That said, a lot of us
are busy with other things in our lives, and to launch soon we need more
developers. If you have any friends who are interested, send them to the
mailing list and the Operation Divided By Zero page.


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