[cablewiki] Re: Operation Divided By Zero page

  • From: admin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: cablewiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 15:39:20 +0100

I think it would be better to have the cable text imported from the
Translation namespace, rather than importing the Analysis. Since the
analysis is the part that people want to read it would look cleaner, and
then we could collapse the cable for people who don't want to read it.

By the way, until we're settled on the format, please don't import a load of
cables into test.cablegatewiki.org, just so we don't have to go back and
re-do them.

I also suggest that if we're importing Cablegategame summaries, we put them
in a section called "Headline" or "short summary" at the top for people
sifting through the cables. This is because those summaries won't have any
citations with them.

To me that's more a question of priorities. Are people really more interested in the analysis than the actual text? The thing is, Wikileaks releases only those cables that are mentioned by the media partners (Spiegel, Guardian). So in theory, all the cables are already summarized or at least mentioned. The "unique selling point" of CableWiki is therefore not the analysis, but instead the translations (in combination with analysis, better organisation, readability,...) There are lot's of sites, including the traditional media, that offer articles and stories around the cables. But the thing that makes WikiLeaks so special is not the fact that they leaked some juicy stories. It's the fact that they make the raw data, the pure truth, without the spin of a journalist, available to everybody to judge themselves. And I think that's what we should try to achieve, too. But anyways, I'll make another prototype today with you suggestion. Maybe we can modify your rating bar, so that people can decide which layout they like best?



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