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  • Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 03:52:16 +0100

Hay Guys,

Sorry for the long gaps between my emails, but I also have some other stuff to manage and since many of you have the same problem, I always have to choose between communicating with the community and working on the project. But I'm happy to see that a fertile discussion has evolved through this mailinglist. This makes it a lot easier for me to focus on the actual project and to figure out in which direction we should move. As a tipp: Here you can read all the past messages and replies: http://www.freelists.org/archive/cablewiki/01-2011

Some of you have complained that they didn't know of the 'Operation Divided by Zero' page on the Wiki. So to all of you that haven't noticed: We've created a page providing some basic info about the task ahead, a list where volunteers can sign up with descriptions on affordable time and skills, and a To-Do List with completion status (thanks!). 

As FutureMelt announced, he has created a beta version of the new wiki where we will test the new extensions, create some prototypes of the new article structure and build everything we need before we'll redirect cablewiki.net to its new residence. 

We've agreed on separating Analysis and Content pages. That way we can protect the original content of the cable as soon as the formatting is on a reasonable standard. On the other hand the Analysis page (now containing the summary) remains editable.  I've created some prototypes of articles where the analysis page (named eg. Analysis:04BRASILIA2803) is embedded as a toggle box (hide/viewable). As you see the head section is also in a toggle box, but it's not on an extra page. By default it's hidden.  These three pages are only tests to find out which layout works best. So if you have ideas on how to improve the structure any further, let us know or better make a prototype yourself. After that we can update all the other pages acordingly. 

Another big point is the translate plugin. FutureMelt has written about that a few days ago, you can view a working example here: 
http://userbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Special:LanguageStats&code ;
I've tried to install it yesterday on FutureMelts test server (doesn't work with our wiki because we're hosted by an ISP), but I couldn't activate it yet. (when i try to run update.php i get error messages. Any help on that would be apreciated)

Today I came accross another mediawiki plugin that looks very useful: Semantic Mediawiki (SMW)
I haven't installed it yet, so i don't know how much of a change it would require, what benefits it has and how it works in combination with the translate extension. But i think i could make things like creation of infoboxes and advanced search (eg listing only cables from paris to berlin) much easier. As far as I've seen, it would also make shure that user submitted stuff is automatically fed into a database imediately, and doesn't have to be scraped by an algorythm. But maybe someone with more experience with databases than me (which would be anyone with at least some experience) could give his opinion on that. 

So if anyone has even a little time to give here are some other things that need to be done:

-To get some more attention, we need to spread links to the articles on sites like crowdleaks.net. Someone could start creating a list of such sites. Then they would post comments with links to acording cablewiki-cables whenever a new article on crowdleaks/etc. is published.  -Someone with connections to coders could ask for help. You could also post in forums or chats. I bet there must be hundreds of intelligent and bored coders out there. 
-Same thing for translators. 
-some people could create a poster asking for help with coding and/or translating and spread it on twitter/facebook/reddit/b/whatever
-Use your imagination!

Don't ask what CableWiki can do for you, ask what you can do for CableWiki! ;-)



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